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The TP F-900 type airport chambers are used in the air supply systems for temporary lighting and aircraft supply systems during a lay-in at the airport apron.


System description

- segmented chamber body made of   POLIPIT polymer blend, strength up to  90 tons;

- body dimensions: from 500 x 500 mm to 2000 x 2000 mm;

- covers made of cast iron, concrete or SMC plastic.


Advantages of TP-900 modular chambers

- fast installation - no concreting required (no concrete nor other mixtures),

- the modular system reduces installation costs and does not generate costs related to repairs,

- immediately after assembly, it obtains full resistance to dynamic loads,

- the installation costs are lower than in the case of concrete,

- many times it surpasses the life of  concrete chambers,

- obtain full compliance with the standards  (opinions of the Instytut Badawczy Budownictwa Łączności and the Instytut Łączności,

-  15 years warranty.


 Chamber dimensions as well as chamber cover types are produced by individual needs of the customer.

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