Construction of a wharf at the Gdańsk Shipyard

Construction of a new wharf at Gdańsk Shipyard. Used the chambers equipment with elevators.
Our underground supply chambrs used for powering the moored ships.

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Revitalization of the Litewski Square in Lublin

The investment was carried out in 2017. Chambers of underground distribution systems type  TP RE 40 were used. Contractor: Budimex Warsaw

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Investment in Zakopane

Investment carried out in 2017. Used telecomunication chambers TP D-400. Mounted by Pro-Tra Building Sp.z o.o.

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Revitalization of the market in Lubin

The investment was carried out in 2017. TP type modular chambers of class D-400 were used.

Contractor: Pro-Tra Building Sp. z o.o.

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Airport Bydgoszcz

Used chambers equipment with elevators and electrical control TP W. The undergroung supply
chambers used for powering the repaired planes.

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Construction of platforms for the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway

The investment was carried out in 2017. TP 20/13 type modular chambers were used. Contractor: Budimex. There were used big , deep chambers to make culverts under the tracks.

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Modernization of the track infrastructure for the Tramwaje Warszawskie company

The investment was carried out in the years 2015-2017. TP 20/7 type chambers were used to lay induction loops.



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Revitalization of Abrahama Street in Gdynia

The investment was carried out in 2019. The undergroung supply chambers TP RE B-125 used for powering mass events.

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