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Energetab Fair 2021

We invite you to the Energrtab 2021 fair on September 14-16. You can find us in the "W" pavilion



In 2019 we started cooperation with new European customers.


New solutions increase our offer

INNOSTOP system (fast repairs of existing infrastructure)

The task of the INNOSTOP system is to limit the collapse of the chamber manholes mounted in the road lanes. The most common cause of manholes collapse is the crushing of concrete elements located directly under the chamber cover. This is due to the continuous exposure of the cover to strong dynamic impacts of passing vehicles and transferring these forces to the concrete elements below. System operation. Dynamic impacts acting on the cover are suppressed by a flexible and durable body of POLIPIT plastic. Thanks to a special frame in the module, the cast iron cover is not rigidly screwed to the body and works together with the road surface (the so-called floating cover). Thanks to such a solution, dynamic impacts do not transfer to lower concrete elements and do not cause any cracks.



-  50% reduction of installation time and costs (minimum traffic closure time),

- immediate full dynamic resistance (maximum reduced traffic closure time),

- multiple lifetime compared to concrete,

- possibility of changing the height of the chamber during the reconstruction of the road surface by adding or removing several modules,

- can be re-used after dismantling the chamber,

- 50 year erosion guarantee,

- 100% frost resistance,

-  resistance to chemicals and aggressive environment (production plants, car washes, etc.).


Underground switching stations TP4/5RE

Underground switching stations are used wherever you want to localize a power point that will be used temporary (venues for organizing public events, plazas, sports facilities, squares, etc.). The system closed in the ground under the cover will be protected and will not interfere with other objects.

know our history innotechnika

Due to the dynamic development of the industry, we need more innovative solutions. Innotechnika is working on greater possibilities of using plastics in energy, telecommunications and waterworks construction.

Our Design and Technical Department de-velops optimal solutions in technical and economic terms in cooperation with our clients.

We produce several dozen types of tele-technical and waterworks chambers for various applications. Our advantage is also the production of non-standard products according to individual customer require-ments.

We present our products at the annual International Power Industry fair ENERGETAB in Bielsko-Biała.

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